Is Your Lifestyle Properly Protected?

We know that your career isn't what makes you who you are. Sure it's part of the reason you've become successful, but it's the lifestyle you have that makes you different. At POWERS Insurance, we understand protecting that lifestyle requires specialized insurance coverage. What matters to you is what matters to us the most. Talk with our personal risk advisors today to make sure you are insuring the items you love with confidence.

Wine Collections

You've worked hard to build a collection like this one. Don't risk losing that entire collection because it wasn't properly insured. The best way to protect such a collection is through a stand-alone valuable articles policy. The insurance companies we partner with can offer coverage under a blanket policy (which covers the items in your collection for a total value, e.g. $100,000) or you may request coverage for each individual bottle of valuable wine.


Protecting your boat

Boats and jet skis are a nice break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, but they also have the potential to be damaged in a myriad of ways. Not only can your "toys" be damaged from wind, hail, lightning or waves ... but they also are at risk while being pulled from one spot to another. The right insurance policy will be there to protect your boat or jet ski, and partnering with an insurance company that offers coverage based on the agreed value should save headaches when the coverage is needed. The range of coverage options available varies as much as the types of boats an accomplished individual can buy. Due to the range in coverage differences available, it is important to work with a knowledgeable risk manager who can help you find the proper policy for your personal needs. Many insurance companies have restrictions in their appetite based on the size or speed of boat they are willing to insure, which can make securing the right coverage a bit of a hassle ... if you don't have an agent that specializes in assisting accomplished individuals.

Valuable Collections

There's no feeling worse than thinking something is covered on you homeowner's policy, only to find out later you were wrong. Unfortunately, that's too often the case when it comes to a fine jewelry piece or a small collection. In fact, a recent CHUBB study revealed that 62% of accomplished individuals did not have jewelry coverage at all. Many successful families make the mistake of assuming their pieces will be covered by their typical homeowner's policy, but many of those policies limit the value of such pieces (to as little as $500 per item). When you purchase a valuable collection insurance policy with POWERS Insurance, you can combine your valuable jewelry, paintings, sculptures, china or sports collections. Some of the other benefits of this specific policy can include coverage for mysterious disappearance and higher value coverage at time of loss. Insurance companies who focus on high net worth clients will commonly offer a valuables policy with inflation protection coverage ... so the true value of the piece will be covered adequately in a loss.


High Net Worth

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