The POWERS Promise.

Our mission statement has always been at the core of everything we do: POWERS® Insurance & Risk Management challenges the status quo to create clarity and safeguard the financial well-being of our clients, their employees, and families.

We execute that mission statement on a daily basis by empowering our associates to make a positive impact in our clients' lives. We call this "My Moment" and celebrate when an associate seizes an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone's life.

Our agency hopes to Inspire change in others; create memories for our clients; and empower one another to be better.

How it all started.

After an accident his senior year in college, Pierce Powers was unable to follow in his own Dad’s footsteps as a surgeon. During his long recovery process, he would often discuss with his Dad his hopes for the future. His father’s recommendation: find a business where you can give more than you take plus, if you have children and they are interested, you can perpetuate.

Pierce’s Dad had a good friend in the insurance business, so he went to work for him … and loved it! Pierce had found his calling. He and his wife have six children, three of whom are in the family business and work alongside their dad each and every day. Pierce made his dream come true.

POWERS® Insurance & Risk Management is truly a family-owned and operated business in every sense. All decisions and activities are decided upon by the four Powers in the business who have equal input into daily matters and future endeavors. While each family member has a specific role in the company’s success, all of them seamlessly work together toward a common goal.

Associates make a positive impact.

Some examples of "My Moments" where our associates have capitalized on those opportunities include:

-- During a claim

-- Recognizing Coverage Gaps

-- Celebrating a client's successful moment

-- Empathetic Listening during a client's tough moments

-- Offering a Helping Hand

-- Assisting a client when something major changes in their life

-- Going above and beyond with customer service

At POWERS, each time an associate is nominated for a moment, that employee is allowed to hang a leaf on the tree on our wall that identifies their special contribution. Once we have 50 leaves filling the tree, we take a moment to reward the entire team for going above and beyond.

Recognizing our associates. It's Good Policy!

Our team is committed to providing a high level of customer service (as evidenced from testimonials our clients have volunteered. The leadership team at POWERS is committed to recognizing associates for their hard work and passion. We proudly provide ergonomically friendly workstations with desks that allow an associate to sit or stand as they please; monthly birthday celebrations; anniversary celebrations; and regular team-building events.

YouTube video

Meaghan Dowd's "My Moment" where she helps guide a client through an emotional loss.

YouTube video

Chris Sullivan shares his "My Moment" which shows how Chris stands behind his clients' and provides more than an insurance policy.

YouTube video

JD Powers shares his "My Moment" where he has built trust from his clients through his service mentality and family atmosphere.

YouTube video

Pierce Powers shares his "My Moment" where his forethought and willingness to reach out to someone who wasn't a client helped keep a manufacturing company in business during the Great Flood of 1993.

YouTube video

An overview of POWERS Insurance & Risk Management's "My Moment" campaign and how we use that campaign to inspire ourselves on a daily basis.

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