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According to cyber security expert Gary Chan, 58% of all cyber attacks are aimed at small or mid-size business owners because they are easy targets. The average cost of a breach to a business over $1,000,000. Establishing information security basics that don’t break the bank is the key to proper risk management of this exposure.

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Episode 263: Gary Chan shares 12 actions to enhance your information security


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IT Security Basics

Back Up Data

Save at least 6 months' worth of history, not just the last version. That way, if you get hit by ransomware, you can restore your data to pre-crisis times.

Know Your Obligations

Understand your legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations. A business must follow all state and local regulations when their data is breached.

Provide Training

Bring security awareness to your team members and print compliance reports to see who watched training videos and passed quizzes.

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