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POWERS Insurance & Geometric Wealth Advisors

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Hi, I'm Meaghan Dowd and I'm thrilled that Geometric referred you! Here's how we partner together to protect you:

We've partnered with Geometric Wealth Advisors to make sure that all the planning you are doing is properly protected!

I know that Geometric preaches the importance of thoughtful allocation of equities and fixed income for your own personal needs. My specialty is understanding and coordinating your personal insurance risk into that piece of the portfolio puzzle.

Geometric Wealth Advisors

What is our consultation process?

Welcome to our simple 5-step process...


Enter Basic Info

Start by telling us just a little about yourself by clicking the form above, or Click Here now. You can also call me at (314) 333-4923


We Gather Your Info

We are happy to provide a consultation on your terms: face-to-face, email, phone, Zoom -- whatever you request.


We Analyze Markets

Next, we send your information to insurance companies that craft policies specific to your successful family's needs. 


Receive Solution Video!

We review the solutions provided by our partner companies and propose the best solution via video so you can make a decision on your time. 


Join the Powers Family

You begin our New Client Welcome process. You'll get to know our team and maybe even get a few fun goodies from us along the way!

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