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Kelly McDowell

Personal Lines Risk Management Advisor

I’m proud to be a Risk Advisor for POWERS Insurance and Risk Management, a company that values family and community. I love helping people understand insurance and how it can best help you for your individual needs. I am an outgoing people person, who sees the little details that make up the big picture. I can creatively apply solutions to problems that you didn’t know were there, to make life a little easier and brighter.

I have lived in Wentzville, MO for 13 years with my husband, Randy, and our 3 kids, Sophie, Kenadee and Tristan. In my free time, you can find me at a softball field or wrestling tournament wherever our crazy schedule brings us. 


  • Back-to-Back Top Sales Performer- 2021

  • Promoted to Office Manager- State Farm 10/2017

  • Always Present Award-2020

  • Back-to-Back Customer Service Allstar- 2011-2021

This is the Risk Management Part

It's our job to help you understand . . .

  • What's Covered

  • What's NOT Covered

  • How to mitigate the chance of loss that isn't covered

  • What you can do to absorb small losses

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