Get the proper coverage. It's Good Policy.

Here's a quick glimpse of all the coverage we recommend for most restaurants.

General Liability Coverage

This coverage will protect your restaurant if a customer gets hurt at your establishment. That would include slips and falls, food allergy reactions, and other injuries a customer might sustain while at your business.

Workers Compensation Coverage

This policy will provide coverage for your employees if they get hurt at work.

Property Coverage

This would allow you coverage for damage to your building, inventory, or equipment. Most policies would offer you a replacement cost coverage to these items so you would be able to repair or replace these items for today’s cost.

Crime and Vandalism Coverage

This would cover you in the event you had a claim due to a burglary, robbery, employee theft, or any vandalism to the property.

Business Interruption Coverage

The overhead doesn't stop when you've had a claim, that's why it's critical for a restaurant owner to have business interruption coverage. The coverage will pay for your lost (or decreased) revenue and may even cover employee's wages during the time you aren't open, which allows you to retain key staff.

Actual loss sustained

Up to 12 months of coverage

0 hour waiting period

Utility Service Interruption

6-hour disappearing deductible

Off-services failure included

Loss of income covered

Marketing upon reopening included

Brand reputation coverage

Wages covered

Reduced Income upon reopening covered

Real opportunity to re-open after an extended loss

Cyber Liability Coverage

The common misnomer is cyber breaches only occur with large, big-name corporations. The reality is small businesses are heavily targeted. What's most alarming is that over 60% of all small businesses suffering a data breach close within 6 months. Restaurants, who are consistently processing credit cards, have become a major target in recent years.

What does Cyber cover?

This coverage reimburses a restaurant owner for costs incurred for a security breach. This includes PR and brand reputation restoration as needed; customer notification of the data breach; legal expenses to determine the restaurant owners' obligations under MO data breach laws; and credit monitoring expenses for affected customers.

Cyber Business Income

Some carriers are now offering this coverage within a cyber policy, where a restaurant owner can be reimbursed for lost earnings and expenses incurred because of a security compromise that leads to the failure or disruption of a computer system or  the restaurant owner's inability to access that computer system.

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