Restaurant Insurance Safety Tips

Need safety tips for your restaurant?

We’re here to help! We know you have plenty on your plate already, so let us give you some basic safety tips to keep your restaurant open and employees healthy. If this isn’t enough, we offer a free risk assessment consultation from one of our licensed agents.

Food Allergy Reactions

food_allergyPicture this, you have a customer who specifically lets you know of a food allergy that must be avoided. Your kitchen staff not paying attention accidentally contaminates their meal with said food allergy.

See, things like this happen every day in our world. Although they might not happen every day in yours, our job is to make sure you are protected for the “what if”

Some of the most common food allergies peanuts, soybeans, eggs, milk/dairy, wheat and shellfish. We recommend using a server backup check and separate ticket for patrons that disclose they have a food allergy. The waiter/waitress will notify one of their co-workers (or whomever will deliver food to the table) whenever a customer has a food allergy. Then, both the server and another employee will double-check the food prior to delivering to the table to reduce the risk. Also, having a separately colored ticket or indicator to alert staff when a table is being served with a food allergy is an added safeguard.

Reducing Fire Hazards

Did you know that failing to properly clean vent hoods and ducts is one of the leading causes of fires in restaurants? Hopefully your agent has discussed this with you. It’s such a critical factor that some carriers require you to provide documentation that you have your fire suppression system and hood and ducts cleaned regularly (every 6 months). Failure to comply could lead to a claim being denied.

Make sure you are maintaining your system in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. This will not only help you reduce the risk of having a fire, but it will help make sure you actually have coverage if a claim happens!

Employee Safety

Keeping your employees safe and functional is critical for a restaurant. Losing one of the cooks in the kitchen to a cut, burn or slip & fall injury can set the rest of the team behind … and can even lead to more injuries with everyone working in a rush.

Like most agents would recommend, having cut-resistant gloves and non-slip shoes at the restaurant are incredibly helpful for reducing claims. For many owners though, this isn’t an expense they can justify. One easy and often overlooked claim cause is a simple one — trash can placement!

Many restaurants have trash cans placed in high flow areas for employees. Oftentimes, this becomes a dangerously slippery area after someone takes the trash out. Simply moving the trash can away from main thoroughfares can help dramatically reduce slipping injuries.


Obviously, these are just a few of the small safety issues a restaurant faces on a daily basis. Feel free to contact our office and request a free risk assessment consultation if you would like a personal review.

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