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Bond Requirements:

  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Contractor License (Required by Municipal State & Federal Obligees)
  • Encroachment
  • Maintenance
  • Oil & Gas
  • Out-of-State Contractor License
  • Out-of-State Contractor Tax
  • Reclamation
  • Right of Way
  • Road & Sewer
  • Theft Guard - Fidelity
  • Union Wage & Welfare Warranty

Bond Requirements:

  • Remediation Bonds/Contracts
  • Oil and Gas Well Plugging and Exploration Bonds
  • Land Closure Bonds
  • Land Reclamation Bonds

Bond Requirements:

  • Administrator Bonds
  • Guardian Bonds
  • Executor Bonds
  • Trustee Bonds
  • Receiver Bonds
  • Fiduciary & Probate Bonds
  • Judicial Bonds- Plaintiffs' and Defendants' Bonds
  • Garnishment Bonds
  • Receiver (Equity Courts)
  • (Counter) Replevin
  • (Release of) Attachment

Bond Requirements:

  • Animal Control & Other Public Officials (Both Elected & Appointed)
  • Clerk
  • Deputy/Sheriff
  • Notary E&O
  • Notary
  • Superintendent
  • Treasurer

Bond Requirements:

  • Auctioneer (Livestock & Other)
  • Dealer (Livestock , Grain, Commodities, produce, milk, fruit, veggies, etc.)
  • Farm Labor Contractor (H-2A)
  • Lease Guarantee
  • Packers & Livestock ACT- Dealers/Market Agency
  • Pesticides Application
  • Public Weigher
  • Scale Repair
  • Seed Buyer
  • Warehouse - Grain/Commodities (Cooperatives)

Bond Requirements:

  • Body Shop & Garage
  • Certificate of Title
  • Mobile Home Dealer
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer
  • RV/Trailer/Motorcycle/Boat Dealer
  • Salesperson

Bond requirements:

  • Accountable care organization (ACOI/Medicare Shared Savings Program - Federal)
  • Discount Medical Plan/ Provider Organization
  • DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DMEPOS)
  • Patient Trust Fund
  • Pharmacy Benefits Manager
  • Prescription Drug Wholesaler
  • Theft Guard - Fidelity

Bond requirements:

  • Private School (Cosmetology, Driving, Private, etc.)
  • Professional Solicitor/Fund Raiser
  • Theft Guard - Fidelity

Bond Requirements:

  • Appraisal Management Company
  • Check Seller
  • Collection Agency
  • Escrow Officer/Escrow License/Title Insurance Agent
  • Financial Guarantee
  • Insurance Broker/Producer/Adjuster
  • Lost Instrument
  • Money Transmitter
  • Mortgage Broker/Originator/Lender
  • Notary E&O
  • Notary
  • Real Estate Broker/Inspector
  • Regulated Loan/Small Loan
  • Medallion Signature Stamp Guarantee
  • Theft Guard - Fidelity
  • Third Party Administrator 

Bond Requirements:

  • Airplane Dealer
  • Car Wash
  • Fuel Tax
  • Highway-Use/Toll
  • ICC/FMCSA Broker (BMC-84)
  • Inspection Station
  • Ocean Transportation Intermediary (NVOCC/Freight Forwarder)
  • Over Axle & Over Weight Permit
  • Oversize/Super Heavy Permit
  • SDDC (Military Freight Forwarder)
  • Transporter/Hauler (Fuel, Waste, Liquor, Tired)
  • Yacht Broker
  • Airline Reporting Corporation (Travel Agencies)
  • Customs

Bond Requirements:

  • Bonded Wine Cellar
  • Breweer
  • Liquor Retailer
  • Lottery
  • Sales Tax
  • Theft Guard (Standard) - Fidelity
  • Utility Deposit

What does the POWERS process look like?

Our process starts by listening to your needs and tailoring a surety program that allows you to efficiently execute your business plans. 

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Next, we send your information to our carriers that are actively seeking companies like yours. Then, we compile our marketing efforts along with our recommendation for the best surety partner for your company. 

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Once the program is established, we become your advocate and voice continuing to serve your business and maximizing the return on your bond program. 

Why choose our agency for your Surety Bonds?

Unlike a generalist insurance agency, our Construction Services Unit understands your industry. We will utilize the expertise we have developed over the years to negotiate the best program for your business plan.  

Industry Expert Referral Network

Looking for an accountant, banker, attorney, or qualified sub-contractor?  Let us help.  We serve those who serve your industry and have developed an extensive referral network of other professionals who work exclusively with contractors.

Sub-Contractor Prequal

Do you have a new sub-contractor you are interested in working with?  Are you a sub-contractor interested in bidding to a new general contractor?  Let us put our analysis tools to work for you and provide you with credit worthiness of the company you are thinking of working with. 

Financial Analysis

Our construction services unit will provide a full financial analysis of your company prior to starting the marketing process.  Answering the bond underwriter’s potential questions before they are asked is the goal.  Let our years of experience be the proper introduction for your company’s first impression to the market place.

Peer Group Analysis

Ever wondered how your company financials compare to your competition?  Powers can facilitate answering that question.  Through our carrier partnerships we can provide you with real life apples to apples comparison of those you regularly compete against. 

Project Document Review

Is your insurance compliant with the project you are about to bid?  Don’t get stuck with added insurance cost after your bid is submitted.  Let our Construction Services Unit Review your contracts for compliance from a bond and insurance standpoint prior to your bid.

Let us put our extensive experience to work for you.


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