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Thank You, Russ McMillan!!

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Hi, I'm Meaghan Dowd and I'm thrilled that Russ referred you! Here's how we partner together to protect you:

Russ does an amazing job of partnering with you to provide financial advice. One of the things that has always stood out to me is Russ' phrase to help you become a world-class saver ... that and his ability to describe my role better than I can myself!

"The difference between Meaghan and a typical insurance agent is like the difference between a Master Chef and a short order cook.  You're going to get fed by both...but one has the skill and resources that the other simply can't provide. – Russ McMillian Triad Wealth  

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Next, we send your information to insurance companies that craft policies specific to your successful family's needs. 


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We review the solutions provided by our partner companies and propose the best solution via video so you can make a decision on your time. 


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