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At POWERS Insurance, we have always believed in challenging the status quo. In 2019, we announced the launch of our Emerging Risks Division, which formally acknowledges our commitment to becoming a key resource in protecting risk in these four core emerging industries.

The division is focused on insurance risk strategies that are properly aligned with today’s core emerging markets: Cannabis, Cyber, Green Energy and Technology.

The POWERS Insurance mission statement has always been to "challenge the status quo to bring clarity and safeguard the financial well-being of our clients, their employees and families", so focusing our risk prevention knowledge on these emerging markets is a natural extension of our core vision.

POWERS Insurance is one of the largest family-owned agencies in St. Louis and POWERS strives to be on the front end of risks that could impact their clients. POWERS believes the insurance industry is facing a lack of agents specializing in newer niche industries, and our goal is to help guide businesses in these spaces through the developing insurance space around them.

JD Powers will lead the division along with fellow risk advisor Chris Sullivan. Both have committed to immersing themselves in the newer cannabis and green energy industries and becoming fully educated on the risks. They both possess years of experience helping clients navigate risks in the cyber and technology industries.

With the emergence of Missouri's legalization of medical marijuana,  POWERS Insurance will use their risk management knowledge from relatable industries to help protect the business, their employees, and stakeholders. The understanding of the risk is still new to the insurance industry even though it’s been legalized in other states. Insurance coverage can vary dramatically from one region to another, and it would be difficult for a business owner to understand the exclusions between policies.

The green energy space also aligns with POWERS Insurance’s company vision which is to plant a tree for every new policyholder to embrace a carbon neutral relationship.

Emerging Risks

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JD Powers, President
JD Powers, President
Chris Sullivan, Risk Advisor
Chris Sullivan, Risk Advisor
Cannabis Coverage

Insurance coverage that is tailored for businesses in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Coverage

Cybersecurity - Weak Password Concept

Coverage for cyber insurance isn't one-size-fits-all, but it is the most likely claim a business owner will face.

Cyber Coverage

green energy 4-3

Insurance coverage that is tailored for businesses in the renewable energy space.

Green Energy Coverage

Insurance coverage for businesses in the technology space.

Insurance coverage that is tailored for businesses in the technology industry.

Technology Coverage

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