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At POWERS Insurance, we don't believe in treating our clients like policyholders ... we treat them like friends and family. Our private client risk advisors offer more than a policy, they craft individualized solutions to fit an individual lifestyle. Our goal is to protect what you've already accomplished and prepare for your success on the horizon.

According to a recent study by Chubb, nearly 90% of wealthy households in the US are improperly insured for their personal lines coverage.

Even though individual needs constantly change throughout a successful career, many people leave their coverage with the same insurance company they had when they graduated high school or college. Being loyal is great, but the reality is very few agencies have experience working with private client families and don't fully understand those needs. As a result, many clients end up either dramatically under insured or over insured.

Our advisors are passionate about protecting people and we understand that insurance is just one piece of the puzzle. That's why we work closely with your financial planner; discuss any collections you have; and educate you on how much risk you can and should take as we build an insurance plan around your lifestyle. Your hard work got you here, now it's time to protect your accomplishments.

We understand you want to have fun and enjoy your success. Our goal is to help prepare a plan around your style of fun, so you'll be protected. We know that accomplished individuals have different desires, so we're built to handle different needs. We enjoy working with clients, regardless of if they are looking to insure multiple properties, toys (like boats and ATVs), or any different type of collection or hobby.


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