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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

- Ben Franklin


"Keith went above and beyond to meet my needs and expectations. His hospitality and customer service were way beyond my expectations and he made the entire process very smooth and easy to understand. I would love to have the opportunity to conduct business with him again in the near future!" 

- Christin D.

"Keith Goode with Powers Insurance was able to provide a policy with more features at a reduced rate than we were previously paying. Our small restaurant can use every savings we can get. Keith's personal attention made us feel more confident than the national broker we had been using."

- Thomas M.

Navigating Liquor Liability: Understanding the Risks for Bar Owners

By Christopher Sullivan | March 21, 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the hospitality industry or just starting out, understanding the inherent risks associated with serving alcohol is crucial for the success and safety of your establishment.Let’s break down some of the things you should absolutely keep in mind when it comes to liquor liability. We’ll provide deeper insights into common […]

3 Strategies to Save Money on Business Insurance

By laureng | February 21, 2024

Rising costs are the #1 concern for business owners in the U.S. When it comes to business insurance, 4 in 10 business owners aren’t sure they have enough coverage. Many are planning on adding new coverage in the next year. Simply put: Business owners know insurance is essential to their success, but controlling costs is […]

How to Prevent the Most Common Injuries in Hospitality

By laureng | February 14, 2024

The hospitality industry averages more than 90,000 injuries per year. Some of the most common injuries in hospitality range from cuts and bruises to musculoskeletal disorders and severe burns. What are the top causes of employee injury in this important sector, and how can business owners mitigate their risk? Let’s dive in. What types of […]

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost?
Breaking Down Premium Calculations

By laureng | February 7, 2024

A recent survey by Next Insurance found that 96% of business owners didn’t achieve a passing grade when quizzed about basic insurance knowledge. This isn’t surprising. We expect business owners to be experts in their industry and business strategy, not insurance. But when it comes to understanding your insurance costs, you don’t want to be […]

The Commercial Insurance Underwriting Process:
How To Stand Out

By laureng | January 31, 2024

To business owners, the commercial insurance underwriting process can seem like a mystical process that happens behind closed doors. But the truth is that most underwriters and business owners share the same goal: to create an accurate picture of the business’s risk. What happens during the underwriting process, and how can you stand out as […]

Top Safety Policies and Procedures for Any Business

By laurendavis | November 15, 2023

This post is part of our series, The Ultimate Workplace Safety Guide. Check out our related posts: Safety policies and procedures help protect a business and its employees, prevent workplace injuries, and reduce insurance costs over time. Ready to put pen to paper and document safety policies? Every business has different safety needs, but here’s […]

Safety KPIs to Track for Continuous Improvement

By JD Powers | October 31, 2023

This post is part of our series, The Ultimate Workplace Safety Guide. Check out our related posts: Mathematician Karl Pearson said, “That which is measured improves.” If your goal is to improve your safety program, you must track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure its efficacy. Establishing KPIs: What should be measured? The metrics most […]

Incident Investigation:
How to Stop Future Safety Incidents

By JD Powers | October 20, 2023

This post is part of our series, The Ultimate Workplace Safety Guide. Check out our related posts: Most businesses experience claims and incidents at some point. If an accident happens, the most important thing is to understand what happened so you can take steps to prevent it next time. How do you do that? By […]

Safety Program Development:
How to Create and Implement Policies

By JD Powers | October 11, 2023

Once you’ve established a safety culture and identified your top risk areas to address, it’s time to put policies and procedures in place to support them… This post is part of our seIn this guide, we’ll cover the following points and in the coming weeks, POWERS will continue to post additional deep dives into each […]

How to Identify Hazards with a Risk Assessment Framework

By JD Powers | October 4, 2023

A thorough risk assessment is the first step toward creating effective safety policies and procedures that will move the needle in your organization and identify potential hazards in the workplace. In this guide, we’ll cover the following points and in the coming weeks, POWERS will continue to post additional deep dives into each of the […]

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