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How does legalized marijuana affect workers compensation?

By Christopher Sullivan | February 17, 2023

Does Missouri’s Workers Compensation statutes require post-accident drug testing, and is that affected by the recent passing of Amendment 3? As the employer, you are always liable for the safety and well-being of your employees in their work environments, and this includes promoting and maintaining a drug-free workplace. But with the passing of Amendment 3 […]

How the New Recreational Cannabis Bill in Missouri Impacts Insurance for Business Owners

By Christopher Sullivan | December 9, 2022

On November 8th, 2022, Missouri became the 21st state in the US to legalize recreational cannabis. As Amendment 3 went into effect on December 8th, 2022, cannabis business owners must understand updated rules and regulations that may impact their various insurance policies, how they operate their business, and manage their employment staff. Below, we’ll discuss […]

Property Insurance for a Cannabis Company

By Christopher Sullivan | June 30, 2022

Regarding successful commercial cannabis company — property insurance is an integral piece of the puzzle. However, legal considerations surrounding insurance for cannabis companies are incredibly nuanced and cumbersome due to state and federal regulations. Furthermore, the many types of property insurance within the scope of cannabis operations are extensive. Whether you’re a facility owner or […]

Cannabis Employment Practice Liability (EPL) Insurance

By Christopher Sullivan | March 14, 2022

When a cannabis operator thinks of insurance, typically the basic coverages are considered: property insurance on the facility and contents liability coverage for the premises and product workers’ comp for their employment force commercial auto for company-owned vehicle While general & product liability policies cover bodily injury, property damage and personal injury, these policies will […]

The Importance of Contract Alignment for Cannabis Operators

By Christopher Sullivan | November 2, 2021

As a cannabis insurance risk manager, one of the questions I commonly hear from my clients is centered around how to manage their insurance program from a contractual alignment perspective. To put it simply, my clients want to make sure the vendors and other businesses they work with have the proper insurance in place … […]

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