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Navigating Liquor Liability: Understanding the Risks for Bar Owners

By Christopher Sullivan | March 21, 2024
risks for bar owners

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the hospitality industry or just starting out, understanding the inherent risks associated with serving alcohol is crucial for the success and safety of your establishment. Let’s break down some of the things you should absolutely keep in mind when it comes to liquor liability. We’ll provide deeper insights into […]

How to Prevent the Most Common Injuries in Hospitality

By laureng | February 14, 2024
most common injuries in hospitality

The hospitality industry averages more than 90,000 injuries per year. Some of the most common injuries in hospitality range from cuts and bruises to musculoskeletal disorders and severe burns. What are the top causes of employee injury in this important sector, and how can business owners mitigate their risk? Let’s dive in. What types of […]

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