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In the POWERS Insurance and Risk Management family, we value our employees tremendously. Each month we put a spotlight on one of our employees to show them how much we appreciate their success in our agency. This month we have spotlighted Chris Sullivan.

Chris is highly valued as our Commercial Lines Risk Management Advisor. He has been with our family since 2014. When asked why he chose to work in the insurance industry he answered, “It’s a great feeling to be an integral part of an entrepreneur’s professional success.” On his off time, Chris enjoys being a Big Brother to Elijah in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Thank you, Chris, for your drive and ambition. You represent POWERS Insurance and Risk Management well.

See what his co-workers have to say about him.

Co-Worker Comments

“Chris is a firecracker.  He is intensely dedicated to finding the best options for his clients and will not rest until everyone has what they need.  His friendly and open personality is a wonderful example to those he works with and helps form close relationships quickly with all those he meets.  Work with Chris, and you will never be bored.”  😊

“Chris is such a positive person to work with. He brings so much energy to the room and always makes me laugh at team building functions. He is an all around great guy and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to commercial business insurance.”

“Sales Rockstar that is always willing to help teammates! He’s also a great Husband and Father!”

“It’s amazing to watch Chris work with a client. Chris uses his knowledge and expertise as a risk manager to help with more than just an insurance policy. He’s a real business advisor and an incredible professional to know!”

“To call Chris Sullivan a delight is an understatement, for he is a human who lights up every room he walks into. From his jokes to almost overwhelming positive energy, the spirit he brings into our office is refreshing and revitalizing.”

“Chris brings so much to the table. His talent and drive is something I strive to model after and his attitude and personality is unparalleled. He definitely raises the bar high.”

“Chris is always a smile and a breath of fresh air.  I greatly appreciate his approach to life and commitment to his family.  Chris has a fun and creative communication style that always feels natural and non-confrontational.  Super excited about the new addition to his family.” 😊

“Chris is an awesome producer for Powers.  He is full of energy and gets the job done.  He is happy to educate his clients of coworkers on coverages and makes sure the client is covered correctly.  I have known Chris since he was a green producer and he has grown so much personally and professionally in that time.”

“I have enjoyed watching Chris grow in his professional career.  He is well deserving of this spotlight.  Chris has worked diligently to surpass his goals of being a top insurance advisor in this industry and exercises knowledgeable  dialogue with his each client he serves.  In addition to his insurance certifications, Chris lives by the golden rule!  It makes me happy to see how his actions and behavior model the Catholic tenets in all aspects of his life.  May Chris continue to teach his clients the importance of being properly insured and may the client continue to value why they chose Chris to protect their assets.”

“Chris is an awesome person and Producer. He truly cares for his customers and everyone around him. He has a great attitude that is contagious. All around great dude!”

“Sully is the real deal when it comes to managing risk for clients. He is extremely dedicated to helping his clients and following through on the Powers promise to be an advocate for clients when they need us most.”

“I interact with Chris on a daily basis.  He is very knowledgeable about commercial insurance and takes a hands on approach with his clients.  He is quick to sit down and work through a problem with me to come up with a viable solution.  On a personal level, he is a caring individual who will take the time to listen when I need a sympathetic ear.  I’m fortunate to work with Chris and look forward to the years ahead.”

“Chris is full of life, with a heart of gold. He is passionate about what he loves from Hockey to Family. He is one of the brightest insurance professionals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with. Always looking out for his clients and protecting their growing business needs.”

“Chris is such a great part of the TEAM, he is full of positive energy and always willing to pitch in wherever needed!!”

“Chris is a man committed to his family and his clients. He works so hard to find the right coverage and company for his clients. I enjoy working with Chris because he will always say something to try to get his coworkers in a better mood and to make them laugh.”

“Chris is fun to work with. He always takes time to try and make everyone feel welcome and included. Not only is Chris fun to work with, he is also a very hard worker and does whatever it takes to get the job done. A great combination to work with!”

“Chris has always been an amazing person to look to for support and great information. He is always helpful even with a crazy amount on his plate to handle. Couldn’t do this without him.”

“Chris has a great attitude and gets what needs to be done for his customers and is very passionate about his volunteer work!”

“Chris has come such a long way since he joined us several years ago. His office was across the hall from my cubicle and he would tirelessly make cold calls all day long, always with a cheerful upbeat attitude even when facing rejection.  He was usually still working at it till 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening. He never gave up – and it shows! He worked at it until he discovered what approach worked for him, and now he’s a super star! Once he got the door opened, people couldn’t resist his cheerful attitude, patient non pushy demeanor and fun sense of humor – not to mention how well he services his clients. Through hard work, perseverance and his upbeat attitude, Chris’ future looks bright and Powers is fortunate to have him on our team.”


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