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You always dreamed of a round-the-world cruise, you have tickets and suddenly a pilot’s strike in Berlin puts it all in jeopardy.

Can you get your money back?

What happens if you break your arm in Mauritius? Or come down with Dengue fever in Senegal?

Does your insurance cover that?

If war breaks out near you, is an evacuation covered? Or a more mundane question; is your Louis Vuitton luggage covered if it gets lost between here and there?

As a Nationwide Private Client, travel insurance protection for you is a given, but do you need additional coverage?

Types of Travel Insurance

When you buy your ticket to exotic locales or simply book a tour online, an offer for travel insurance is sure to follow. Do you need it?

Trip Cancellation Insurance

If something happens that keeps you from a planned trip, cancellation insurance makes sure you can to travel sometime in the future.  For example, a sudden medical problem or terrorism threats can ground you.

Be aware that some plans only pay if the triggering incident happens within a set number of days before departure.

Trip Interruption Insurance

If you complete part of your trip and something happens to cut it short, this type of coverage reimburses you for the portion of the trip you did not take. So if an emergency at home or a pilot’s strike ends your trip early, you’re covered.

While Nationwide Private Client Travel Insurance does not cover trip interruption insurance, Travel Assist can help arrange to get you home.

Medical Evacuation Insurance

These policies cover the cost of getting you to a spot where you can get the medically appropriate need.  Your regular health insurance probably covers treatment, but generally will not cover getting you to a place where you can be treated.

Nationwide Private Client policyholders have this type of coverage included in their homeowners’ policy. If you or your dependent fellow travelers need evacuation by air ambulance or another method, Travel Assist will arrange and cover the transportation.

Civil Unrest Evacuation Insurance

If there is political or civil unrest, this coverage reimburses transportation from an at-risk location to a less volatile place.  Some policies are void if you enter an area under U.S. State Department warning.

Luggage and Personal Items Theft or Loss

Travel insurance coverage provides reimbursement for damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen bags and other personal items on your trip. For high-value items, it’s best to schedule them as part of your homeowners’ policy. If you are traveling with your $40,000 Birkin bag, put it on a rider.

Nationwide Private client homeowners’ policies include assistance to locate and recover lost baggage.

Travel Life Insurance

There are three main types: Accidental Death, Air Flight Accident, and Common Carrier. Check with your regular policy to see if you need additional coverage.


Travel Medical Insurance

This policy is supplemental to your regular medical insurance. Check your coverage for what is covered while traveling. In the U.S. most insurers continue coverage overseas, although Medicare does not travel with you.

You may want secondary coverage for deductibles and any unusual expenses.  Emergency medical coverage can be purchased as primary or secondary coverage.

Be aware that for any policy travel to certain high-risk countries may void coverage. The U.S. State Department issues warnings about travel to certain high-risk countries. If you travel to these areas, your travel insurance may be suspended.

Nationwide Private Client Travel Insurance

As a Nationwide Private Client member, travel insurance is available for you to add to your existing insurance portfolio. Our Travel Assist program provides services for your peace of mind if you travel more than 100 miles from home. Your Powers Insurance agent can provide complete details.

Travel Assist covers emergency medical assistance such as medical evacuation for you and travel return for your travel companion and dependents if you remain hospitalized. If you are traveling alone when hospitalized, they can arrange for a friend or family member to come to you.

Travel Assist can also help with finding medical providers, medical interpretation, replace lost medications or eyeglasses or return cars if you are unable to drive due to a sudden medical emergency. In the worst case, Travel Assist can arrange for the return of your remains.

Beyond medical emergencies, Travel Assist can help you with emergency travel arrangements like changing airline, hotel and car rental reservations to get you home. They can relay emergency messages to and from friends, relatives or business associates.

If you are in need of legal assistance while traveling, they can help you locate an attorney. They can advance your bail bond, where permitted by law. If you need an interpreter, they can assist with telephone interpretation in all major languages.

Need Help Determining the Right Insurance Coverage?

One policy does not fit all. The experienced executives at Powers Insurance work hard to craft the right coverage for your busy lifestyle.

The right insurance policy protects your assets as well as your way of life.  After all, you worked very hard to achieve success.

Nationwide Private Client Travel Insurance gives you peace of mind to enjoy long or short trips. Assistance for emergencies is just a toll-free telephone call away. No need for most supplemental coverages.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to talk about Nationwide Private Client, travel insurance, personal, or commercial insurance.

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