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In our continuing effort to give back to the environment, POWERS Insurance and Risk Management is proud to announce that it will plant a tree for every new client! The new policy will start with any client that joins POWERS Insurance & Risk Management starting September 1, 2017. This campaign coincides with our carbon neutral efforts and will be in place for any new client, regardless of the premium that client pays.

We are excited for this opportunity and hope other organizations around St. Louis will create similar give-back campaigns to help the environment. Currently, our agency already recycles paper and is on the fore front of using web-based communications. We email policies and information to our clients as often as possible in lieu of paper documents. A carbon neutral environment is something we hope to continue to embrace, both as a company and as a community. We recently completed construction of our energy efficient office building in the Hi-Pointe neighborhood and are excited to be a part of this wonderful community with The Cheshire Inn, Hi-Pointe Theatre, Hi-Pointe Drive In, Forest Park, Historic Amoco Sign, Scholarship Foundation, Lindell Bank and Dewey School all as neighbors.

With this campaign, we estimate that POWERS Insurance will plant between 350-450 trees each year. We will be doing special environmental give backs for milestone markers as well. While most of the trees we plant will be saplings, we plan to plant a large tree in an urban area in need for every 250 new clients to join the POWERS Insurance family. For every 1,000 new clients, we will farm a beehive to help preserve the bee population and protect our agriculture from colony collapse disorder (CCD).

We hope our clients can embrace this campaign like we are and we encourage all of our clients to match our contribution and plant a tree themselves to help preserve the planet. At the very least, we hope you will feel better knowing that you can say you have embraced a carbon neutral relationship with your insurance agency.

We have purchased some property along the Meramec River that needs erosion prevention. We’ll plant willow trees there for the initial phase, but plan to plant several different native species of trees such as Sycamore, Hickory, Black Walnut, White Oak and Maple trees in the future. Our goal is to place trees in areas where they can maximize their positive impact on the environment.

Why did we choose to plant trees? Thanks for asking! We think a tree is a great representation for an insurance policy. It never stops growing; it takes root with an intent to stay forever; it adapts to the seasons; and it provides protection over us when needed.

We believe in making the world a better place for the next generation – It’s good policy. Will you join us?

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