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3 Strategies to Save Money on Business Insurance

By laureng | February 21, 2024
save money on business insurance

Rising costs are the #1 concern for business owners in the U.S. When it comes to business insurance, 4 in 10 business owners aren’t sure they have enough coverage. Many are planning on adding new coverage in the next year. Simply put: Business owners know insurance is essential to their success, but controlling costs is […]

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost?
Breaking Down Premium Calculations

By laureng | February 7, 2024
How much does business insurance cost?

A recent survey by Next Insurance found that 96% of business owners didn’t achieve a passing grade when quizzed about basic insurance knowledge. This isn’t surprising. We expect business owners to be experts in their industry and business strategy, not insurance. But when it comes to understanding your insurance costs, you don’t want to be […]

The Commercial Insurance Underwriting Process:
How To Stand Out

By laureng | January 31, 2024
Commercial Insurance Underwriting Process

To business owners, the commercial insurance underwriting process can seem like a mystical process that happens behind closed doors. But the truth is that most underwriters and business owners share the same goal: to create an accurate picture of the business’s risk. What happens during the underwriting process, and how can you stand out as […]

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