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Here in the POWERS Insurance and VIAA family, we value our employees tremendously. Each month we put a spotlight on one of our employees to show them how much we appreciate their success in our agency. This month we have spotlighted Linsey Morris.

Linsey is highly valued as our Personal Lines Marketing Manger. She has been with our family for 6 years. When asked what brings her pure joy, she answered, “My dog, Jupiter, and sitting at a Cardinals game on a hot summer day with a beer in my hand.”

Thank you, Linsey, for all that you do. The POWERS and VIAA family are truly appreciative of your knowledge and expertise.


Co-Worker Comments:

“As someone who entered the insurance industry just 8 months ago, I am so grateful to have a mentor in Linsey. She has been patient, knowledgeable, and helpful in guiding me through the world of insurance. Beyond that, she is an insurance whiz. If you have a question, Linsey probably knows the answer. She is truly an amazing person to work with and our offices are all the better due to her role in it.”  – Sam

“Linsey is very educated on all things related to insurance and is a great resource both for our clients and our staff.”- Dawn

“I could go on and on! She is Hilarious, one of the best friends you could ask for- truthful, honest and not afraid to tell you like it is. She has the biggest heart and would do anything for the people she loves. Regarding work, she is a BOSS. Definitely works more than she sleeps, she is a chaos wrangler and always there to save the day for a client, producer or team mate. She loves her cardinals, dog Jupie, an her hubby Chris and would do anything for those three (even move to St. Louis so she could catch a cardinals game whenever) HAHA.”  – Meaghan

“From what I know about Linsey, I know she is driven to make the Powers team efficient and effective for the sake of the clients.” – Clinton

“Linsey is very knowledgeable!” – Mathew

“Linsey is amazing. She is so knowledgeable and helpful. I love working with her!” – Rikki

“Linsey is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to offer advice if needed.” – Stacy

“Linsey has an incredible grasp on industry knowledge while always maintaining a great sense of humor.  I believe it was her idea a couple years ago for the PL department to dress up as named perils (tornado, lightning, and theft)…she was the thief haha.” – Henry

“What I love about working with Linsey is that she always teaches me something new, she always provides a different point of view, and she’s always very affirming.” – Robert

“Linsey has the amazing combination of knowledge, efficiency and common sense that make her exceptional in her ability to handle an immense workload while also helping everyone around her improve as well. She’s the Wayne Gretzky of personal lines insurance.” Tim

“Linsey shows compassion toward her co-workers and clients on a daily basis.” – Lauren

“I love working with Linsey! Her dedication and determination in finding just the right solution has always impressed me.  You know that if you work with Linsey, she is always giving it her best.” – Chrissy

“Linsey brings many things to her position at Powers. Vast knowledge, attention to detail, a positive outlook and a genuine desire to service our clients to the best of her ability.  She is also a coworker who cares about others in the agency and will always offer a helping hand to others.” – Lorraine

“Linsey is nothing short of an expert in her field. She enjoys a challenge and it’s apparent she finds pleasure in assisting her fellow associates by sharing her knowledge. Icing on the cake is she does it all with a smile. Thank you for all that you do, Linsey!” – Chris

“Linsey carries on the tradition taught to me by my parents and which I think shines forth at POWERS/Valley. She is a positive person who exudes a passion to serve others. She cares. She is a problem solver. I believe her inner self shines through even when people speak with her on the phone—they can tell she is compassionate and bright as they sense  her wonderful smile. Linsey is a professional and I’m proud to be her associate.” –  Pierce

“Linsey is a great Member of the POWERS/VIAA TEAMS!  She is always willing to pitch in wherever needed and has proven to be a true leader in the Personal Lines Department as she has transitioned and grown into her current management role.” – Elizabeth


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