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In the POWERS Insurance and VIAA family, we value our employees tremendously. Each month we put a spotlight on one of our employees to show them how much we appreciate their success in our agency. This month we have spotlighted Loraine Troyer.

Loraine is highly valued as our Commercial Lines Marketing Manager. She has been with our family since 2014. When asked what brings her pure joy she replies, “My grandkids!”

See what her co-workers have to say about her.

Co-Worker Comments

“I don’t get to work with Lorraine directly, but what I do know about her is she is incredible at her job! How do I know? Her clients are always raving about her! On a personal note, I know from company gatherings and functions that she is a very caring person with a good heart. It is a pleasure to work within the same building with her and I am blessed to know her.”

“Lorraine has a wealth of knowledge about the insurance industry in general and Powers specifically. She is always willing to answer anyone and everyone’s questions. As a new employee, Lorraine has taught me an enormous amount of information and I’m sure she will teach me a great deal more. I’m grateful to get to work with someone I can learn so much from.”

“I really look up to and admire Lorraine.  She is very knowledgeable about Commercial Lines and is a wonderful caregiver to her family!” – Kate M.

“From the moment I started at Powers, I’ve been blown away by Lorraine’s knowledge, work ethic, and ability to manage a heavy workload with ease. She consistently impresses! It’s a privilege to work with someone like Lorraine.”

“Lorraine is an amazing person to work with. She has the biggest heart and is always thinking of others, inside and outside of work. She is very knowledgeable in Commercial Lines and is my go to person for any questions that come my way regarding commercial insurance. I look forward to getting to know Lorraine more as she is definitely someone I look up to within the insurance industry.”

“Lorraine is a wonderful person and I really admire her!”

“Lorraine has really been a great mentor for me. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, precise, professional, and leads by example – all with grace and humor. Gold standard.”

“Lorraine is extremely kind-hearted, knowledgeable and all around great soul! She is a delight to work with and wonderful resource for clients and myself!”

“With 30 years’ experience, Lorraine is a knowledgeable Business Insurance Expert.  Whether it’s coverage info, product knowledge, or helping clients, Lorraine is a critical component to helping her Business Insurance Clients with Risk Management.”

“Lorraine is the deal closer. She is very knowledgeable on all things related to commercial insurance.  She is very patient, thorough and detail-oriented and, makes sure the client is placed with the best carrier for their needs.”

“Lorraine is confident and well-informed about all things insurance related. I hope to someday have the ease and grace with which she approaches clients, carriers, and co-workers.”

“Lorraine has a natural tendency to always want to help others. She will always make sacrifices to better position her team members, clients, ISMs, and carrier relations for success. We are all better thanks to having her on our Team!”

“Hands down one of the nicest people I have ever met!! Couldn’t do this without her.”

“Lorraine is a wealth of knowledge.  She understands what clients need to be protected.  She is understanding, kind and professional.  She is a wonderful person to work with and I am happy to be on her team.”

“Lorraine is a natural leader and very strong team player. In addition to being very bright and knowledgeable, she never expects someone to do something she herself would not do. She not only applies her insurance skills but she shares her talents with others as a strong mentor. She also has a kind heart outside the office and consistently extends a helping hand to those in need. Lorraine is a big part of that which makes POWERS strong and special.”

“Lorraine is so knowledgeable in the CL space, she is a TEAM player and Leader for both VIAA and POWERS. It is great to be working with someone that brings so much value to the TEAM!!”

“Lorraine is able to jump into a complex situation and quickly move the ball down the field with her innate ability to ask the right questions in the right order.”

“Lorraine is a strong and dedicated worker.  Her knowledge and expertise in commercial lines has been an asset to our team since the beginning.  We appreciate all that she is and all that she helps us to grow to become.”

“Lorraine is a wonderful co-worker and friend. She’s truly a whiz, especially in commercial insurance. Lorraine has played a crucial role in my development as an insurance producer; she taught me to consistently raise the bar as goals are met which has lead to much success for me personally and professionally. I feel fortunate to work with Lorraine on a near daily basis. Thank you, “Lo”! “

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